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Managing Growth in Delaware County

Managed growth is essential to the quality of life in Delaware County.

The League of Women Voters of Delaware County believes that it is crucial to the quality of life of county residents that growth be managed carefully to assure that the needs of current residents are met, that future development is orderly and environmentally friendly, and that infrastructure needs are met concurrently with growth in the population.  To this end, the League supports:

  1. Careful long-range planning for development that addresses infrastructure needs, including transportation and public transit networks, water and sewer, and storm water drainage. 

  2. Intergovernmental cooperation and coordination among regional, county, city and township governments in order to achieve a balanced, desirable mix of high-quality business, residential, and public service development.

  3. Consideration of LEED principles in building requirements, with building standards that protect the environment and conserve energy.

  4. Provision of infrastructure and public services (including public schools) at a pace that does not lag new development.

  5. Preservation of farmland, open space, parkland, waterways and wetlands to protect the    environment and enhance the quality of life of residents.

  6. Preservation of the unique character of Delaware County’s neighborhoods and their historic architecture, including residential, commercial and public buildings.

  7. Inclusion of housing developments that meet the needs of all Delaware County residents.

  8. Transparency in the review of development proposals and provision for citizen input.

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