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Supporting Education in Delaware County

A high quality public education is integral to the vitality of the community.

Position History: 

The League of Women Voters of Delaware County believes that a free, high quality public education is critical to the lives of children and to the vitality of the entire community. A strong public education system develops an educated workforce that attracts quality employers to the community. The attractiveness of the community to new residents, the community’s economic well-being, the stability of property values, and the quality of public discourse are all increased by a system of quality local public schools and other publicly-financed educational programs. To these ends, the League supports: 

  1.  The provision of local and state funds as needed to increase the capacity of the districts to accommodate the growing number and the increasing diversity of children.

 Increased efforts to more efficiently provide instructional services (including cooperation among school districts) by seeking ways to provide diverse educational options. 

Increasing public awareness that administrative personnel serve an important function in the effective management, leadership and coordination of schools in order to ensure provision of uniform quality education. 


2. Government planning and policies that ensure a fair and equitable allocation of industrial, commercial and varied residential development among the county’s public school systems. 

3. The evaluation of student progress, in combination with challenging curriculum, of broad interest to students. The schools must also prepare students for their role(s) in a global economy. 


4. Ongoing communication and cooperation among the school districts, and county government, local agencies and the public to strengthen education. 

5. The construction, preservation and or rehabilitation of school facilities with sensitivity to the environment by use of “green” materials, increased energy efficiency and use of environmentally friendly building techniques. 

6. Education as it takes place in many venues and activities in the community.





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