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An accessible and affordable transit system is an important part of our community.

Position History: 

The League of Women Voters of Delaware County believes in an accessible and affordable transit system.


Connectivity and Mobility: 


It should be the ultimate goal of a transit system to connect with major places of employment; educational and medical facilities; shopping hubs; religious, sporting, and cultural venues; and other places where all people, including those with disabilities, go to work, shop, and play. Integration and coordination of different modes and providers of transportation is key. Where appropriate, consideration should be given to connectivity to adjoining communities outside Delaware County.


The cost of building, operating, and maintaining the system should be considered and preference given to economical systems that maximize ridership, recognizing that public transit benefits all communities and that government subsidies will be needed.

Customer Experience: 


Transit should be safe, convenient, comfortable, easy to use, and affordable for all Delaware County residents, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

Travel Time and Reliability: 


A public transit system should be efficient, and schedules and travel time should be reliable and predictable.

Land Use and Development: Advocates for and providers of public transit, as well as other stakeholders, should be actively involved in the development of central Ohio’s long-term plans for land use, economic development, and the reduction of urban sprawl throughout the metro area.

Environmental Impact: 


New transportation systems or modifications to existing systems should be designed to reduce or minimize pollution and consumption of energy.

Marketing: A concentrated marketing/education campaign is an important component of a successful transit system. 

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